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Baked Back Together

What can be so small to some, can mean the world to others. Po, the so called "typical"
grandfather is faced with the fear of loss, but not just anyone, his granddaughter Pepper. Not
only has Pepper been Po's granddaughter, but she has also been his best friend.
Pepper lost her parents at a very young age, leaving Po to be her only resort. The two found
peace with just simply being together. Since they began their lives together, baking was their
safe space, something they bonded over every day. As Pepper grew up distance grew between
the two, she was no longer interested in backing with her Pa Pa, all she wanted to do was hang
out with friends. Eventually Pepper moved far away and lost all contact with Po and moved on
with her life. Though Pepper had moved on, Po hadn't. Po still sat alone every day waiting for
the day Pepper would call him telling him she was coming home. But one day while Po was
looking at an old photograph of the two, he got an idea that could possibly change their
dynamic once again, maybe she would even come back. Po would create his very own baking
business just like him and pepper dreamed about when she was small. Po got hard at work and
the next day set up his brand-new cake shop on the side of his grass. To his surprise not one
customer stopped, not even a slight glance. After all his hard work he knew who he would have
to call for help, Pepper. Pepper was thrilled to finally hear from her Pa Pa Po and flew back
home to help with the business. Eventually the dream that sparked so long ago was burning
bright, the business grew and became a massive success.

I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and brother Noah for supporting me so much throughout my creative journey. Also thank you Noah for helping me out with voice acting!

Special Thanks:

Makena Schmidt


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