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This such a cute and lovely story, loved how you expressed every frame and how they where laid out! I'm just curios but by any chance does the magic woman has a name?



Endearing story with very good angles and panel choices!
You did fantastic and your voice is so calming!
I love the twist the most where the shapeless ghost took shape of a girl and Omen eventually made a friend with her. 🖤🧡

Hope to see more from you in the future! Bon chance!


Samuel (1 like)

That’s cool. I like the idea, the creativity, and think it was explained well


Duane (1 like)

I love the story. I was into the story effortlessly, as I think that pets, and most probably cats operate in multiple dimensions. First I thought the presentation to be interesting and different. Almost like the story was being told through a stack Tarot Cards. Then misplaced cards became a problem. To fix this, just take well framed pictures of all the individual drawings. On a Windows 10 computer> Right Click on the first picture in the folder you saved them all in. You will be asked if you want to make the pic a movie/vid. Answering Yes will take you to a video editor. Drag your picture down and into the timeline. Click on the + symbol to add the next picture, then drag it into the time line. Continue this workflow until all your images are now in your video timeline. On a Mac, just take individual movie pics of each card, then assemble them and audio clips in iMovie. This will let your viewers focus and enjoy your inspiring beautiful story! I like your story. Good Luck!


Carol (1 like)

Hi Melissa, Omen is a great character. I love his power and how he can control it. I realize recording this in one sitting is very hard, but maybe you can try a few times until you get it right. Because your story is totally worth telling. There are a few areas that could be described better in the drawings and maybe it will save you some words, like when he sees the spirit. Good luck and keep at it!



I like Omen! He reminds me of my black cats. I feel sorry for him that he always gets misjudged.



Hi Melissa, the idea of the story is very cool.
I will suggest you to be more quick in your storytelling and focus more on the key moment of the story to engage better with your audience.
Great work tough, I like the drawing, maybe try to add more composition in your frame sometimes, :)!


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Omen, The Black Cat

Omen is the black cat of misfortune. Born with the power to bring people misfortune, all Omen’s ever been good at is causing people trouble. That is until one day, he ends up in a stranger’s apartment and he encounters spirits!

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