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"Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy" Song by Lovejoy

Tyche has always been so unlucky it seemed like a curse. Her family scorned her. Classmates gave up on her. Even the moon seemed to mock her. She'd trip up and down the sidewalks, always a bandage ready for her knee or elbows.

One day, her unluckiness killed her. A passing witch took pity on her and decided to grant her nine lives, using one to resurrect her initially.

Tyche tried to go to the witch for help, but was turned away. Because of that, she met the witch's daughter, Sara, outside. She was an enthusiast on magic, and excitedly befriended Tyche.

A journey was set to look for magic to cure Tyche, a rather hard one since magic was outlawed in the natural world.

While looking at a map, Sara was taken away by a magical beast. Tyche had to muster up the courage to save her.

Using all but three lives, they were saved. She learned along the way the origin of her curse from a passing witch. It was given by her family, who was originally cursed by a witch they wronged. They compiled all their unluckiness and bad karma into her when she was a newborn.

Tyche, who doubted herself at every step, thought the world was against her, gave up on ever appealing to her family or anyone else. She needed to love herself.

Finally, she left her family, and stayed with Sara while finding herself. As the distance between her and her family increased, the cursed bond weakened, and the karma and unluckiness slowly made their way back to her family.

The moral of the story is that your self-worth isn't defined by anyone else but you. Not your family, society, but you. You have the ability to change.

Lovejoy for inspiring so much of my art.
My best friend always hyping me up.

Special Thanks:



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