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  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?

Emily (1 like)

The art is beautiful. The story is amazing but I think it might be better if it was narrated but I do like the comic layout. I say narrate it just so the art doesn’t get covered up. Absolutely love it though!


Nazish (1 like)

I really enjoyed this! I especially like how the obstacles of the second act helped Talia transform at the end and want to spend time with Craig. Really nice drawings too. One thing I would suggest is to have something at the line which has a direct focus on the change in judgement that Talia had about Craig earlier - and how she thought he was weird because of what she heard people saying. I might even make more of a point for her to have some of that realization when he uses the very leaf to heal her, that people think he's weird for studying. That might be a good first step for her to think, hmm, maybe there is more to this guy. and then it can build as he rescues her, and uses his knowledge of the falls and study of the rocks beneath it to know how to fall safely. Then at the end, Talia can sum it up by thinking how wrong people can be to judge a person. I'd just button it like that in some way to bring it all full circle. But very nice job and I really enjoyed watching your story!


Kwong Yue (1 like)

I like the music and development of the story. Very easy to follow. I could understand Talia's character development/transformation but Craig's character journey wasn't as clear.


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Craig and Talia

Complete Story Reel for Craig & Talia's Adventures.

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