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  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


The idea is fantastic and I was intrigued the whole time! Great job! I also love the characters!



The idea is great! the moral of the story had me very engaged.



Great job! I agree, the moral of your story and your character is really good.



I like the general idea!! The audio glitched some and I was a bit confused towards the end but I like your character! They sound very unique



I loved the story and it’s moral! The only thing it lacked was visual storytelling, I wish there was less narration and more visual cues. Still a great story, I enjoyed watching it!


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Final Story reel Miguel's Portal

Major: Once upon a time there was a boy named Miguel who was 17 years old. Miguel was antisocial and didn’t really like most people. He didn't like talking to people because he didn't believe in friendships or love
He would walk around school not paying any attention or showing any type of feeling towards anyone.
Making technology was his way of coping
He got bullied causing him to think about how to get rid of the ones bullying him

Major: Every day he worked on a portal that he uses to teleport the people and things he hates to another dimension after school.
Miguel had to secretly sneak in parts for the portal so his parents would not find out
He always worked on it when his parents were at work.

Major:Until one day his parents found out and banned him from building the portal.
One day his parents came home early from work as he was building the portal and they heard many weird noises coming from his room.
His parents finally went up to his room and saw him working on the portal
They questioned him on what he was doing
They forced him to stop and he got really angry

Major:Because of that he had to hide the portal but kept working on it in secret in a different location.
He decided to take it down to the basement
The portal was almost built so moving it will be risky

Major:Because of that, it malfunctioned when he moved it and it opened a different dimension. The different dimension turned out to be the real world that controls the world he lives in.
He surely was confused and tried to figure out what's going on
He could see the world is getting controlled like puppets

Major:Because of that he decided to figure out the truth behind who is controlling the world and why.
He starts wondering and scouting that world asking people what world this is, who was the main one operating and why he was doing it
He realizes that there's nothing he can do about it because it can cause deaths into his world due to the strings being the thing keeping them alive

Until finally he found out the truth about the puppet world he tried leaving it with no harm but the only way back to his world is through the dimension in which he teleported everyone and everything he hates.
He starts making his way towards the place where everything he teleported was.
When he got there he saw everyone talking and working together to figure a way out but he didn't want to socialize with others or anything but the only way back was to work with them
Ever since then he realized that friendships and love was better than being alone because of the opportunities it can give you
He talked to the people near him figuring out how to get out and what he can do
But once they found a way out the creator of the puppet world destroyed it not allowing them to get out

To be continued…

The theme or moral of this story is the importance of connecting with other people.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:

Kamat's Class

Ibraheem, Miguel, Miriam, Safaa

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