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The art is amazing! Good job for pushing through :)


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sigh - intro animation !

This was supposed to be about a biker gang of beetles that stumbled upon a really dreary city while traveling. It's always raining! One of the smaller members of the gang was more compassionate and coerced the rest of the beetle gang into staying and helping. After this "helping the city" montage, they were supposed to realize that nothing could really be done, and everything was mostly the same. The moral of the story was supposed to be that not everything can be helped, and some things are better left alone. Which is my outlook on this project! I've been really stressed this whole time, barely able to keep up. Why stress myself out more. Here you go. Thank you :'-)

Thank you to Tem for helping me with some of the storyboards. That was really cool. Thank you to Blu and Lex for telling me it's okay not to finish. And thank you to me. You tried. You get a participation award.

Special Thanks:

the cool team

Ana, Aster, Maya, Ricky

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