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Hally Bellah-Guther (1 like)

I think this was actually much better than some of the other commenters seemed to think. There were some rough edges or even edits/sound transitions here and there but what I don't feel they all got is that Reese is a character that doesn't have an internal obstacle, he has external obstacles. What makes it special, unique, and interesting is that Reese didn't feel that anything was missing or lacking, the world got in the way of his groove. He went with the flow (no pun intended) but what is quite original and frankly less trite and boring is that there WASN'T A SILVER LINING, he wasn't glad things transpired the way they did, he was dissapointed that the surfer he saved died, and that the shop he worked at was sold. He made the best of a shitty situation but he was honest and said sometimes if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Totally rad! LOL! Bravo!



Thank you. I'm very appreciative that despite not getting to finish it fully, you were still able to get it. I understand it's not as clear for some as it's still obviously a work in progress, but you're spot on with what we're looking to have the story be.



I like your drawings, and great job!



This is a great and very detailed story. But what I don't fully understand is why you mention all this brands. Has it any relevance to the actual story?



I was surprised how much I liked Reese just a few minutes in. He feels like a fully formed fish out of water character like Ernest or Wayne's World. I was a little confused about the end of his arc, if he's that passionate about the sport why does it matter he's not working specifically at Legends? I think you could really tie the elements together by making the injured surfer someone closer to Reese's story, maybe it's the owner of Legends or their best customer and that incident is what drives the ultimate closure of the shop, just to help connect the elements you have here even more. Good work, you clearly know a thing or two about surfing!


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Legends of Surf

This is our "final". Transcript is not verbatim or exact, but these are the elements we wanted to incorporate and would in a real final. Thanks for watching!

1. Once upon a time... Major Beat There was a surfer name Reese that worked at Legends of Surf, surf shop “Legends, Reese here.... Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...You know know what?
Why don’t you come on down, I’m knee deep in this Burrito right now. I’ll take care of you here.”
2. Every day... Major Beat He went surfing in the morning, went to work, ate a burrito Quick shots of surfing, work, burrito
2. Every day... Minor Beat List of all the brands they carry (super long). “We’ve got your usual Hurley, Billabong, Lost, O’Neill, OP, , Captain Fin, Body Glove, Quiksilver, Rusty, T&C, HIC, FCS, DC, DVS, elemenophee, Oakley, Da Kine, RVCA, Vans, Reef, sticky bumps, Volcom. But what sets us apart? Arizona Iced Tea, still only 99 cents.”
3. Until one day... Major Beat The owner thought about selling brick and mortar store and going just online, since all other stores in the strip mall were closing and a developer wanted to pay the owner big to make apartments on the land.
3. Until one day... Minor Beat The owner, Skip, already has an online store that’s doing well, and it’s hard to turn down the money being offered. Reese argues you can’t get recommendations like from me online. Then do shade or real advice.
“But Skip, there’s only one ‘Legends’”
How are people gonna know if they need a pintail or swallowtail? 2 or 3 fins on a board? The OG Arizona or peach? This isn’t knowledge people are just born with, Skip.”
4. Because of that... Major Beat Concerned and mad his life being flipped upside down, Reese cuts out early to go surfing, and ends up saving someone's life in the water. "Skip, I’m out today brah”
4. Because of that... Minor Beat While in the water sad about his situation, another surfer has a heart attack in the water, Reese saves him.
4. Because of that... Minor Beat A film crew is there recording that day and the rescue goes viral, and catches the documentarian. He gives an interview. “Yeah, so I saw the dude and I was like, whoa, gnarly, this can only be one of two things, burrito shredding him from the inside, or heart attack. And this time it was heart attack.”
5. Because of that... Major Beat Reese becomes internet famous (and at the beach), he doesn’t love the unwanted attention. The doc filmmaker wants to talk more with him.
5. Because of that... Minor Beat People taking his picture. Trying to get his “advice” on video. Reese doesn't love it.
5. Because of that... Minor Beat Willis paddle hard paddle hard, brah.
5. Because of that... Minor Beat Wider rails gives you more planting surface and more stability on the fish, easier to paddle. Narrow it's going to be quicker. Fish have twin fins. Thruster. Not three, since water flowing between makes it goes faster. It makes it feel looser.
5. Because of that... Minor Beat Reese thinks to himself, “If I pause for a picture, am I a poser?” “Can’t pose if you don’t stop moving...” Constantly walking on the beach during interactions.
6. Because of that... Major Beat Reese agreed to do a documentary for the store to get publicity Reese catching up on events and saying yes to doc
6. Because of that... Minor Beat Clips of Reese in the store Sunscreen
6. Because of that... Minor Beat “I can’t quite say how awesome it is, but if Aquaman and Silver Surfer were in here, they would be fighting over this board.”
6. Because of that... Minor Beat Might be funny if there is a comment, do you want to film stuff leading up to this? Reese no need wired this place up with a ton of security cameras after we kept getting our stickers taken. So Reese has a ton of film (which is what they actually use)
“And that brings us all the way up to here where I agreed to do the documentary for guys, by the way I have all this footage do you want that to lead up to now in the film?” “We’ve had some pesky little groms up in here snatching our sticker stash.” “Aren’t they free?” “Well, yeah, but it’s like when you’re out in the water, are the waves free? Yes, but you don’t see some brahs snagging everything out there. It’d just be bad manners, ya know?
6. Because of that... Minor Beat Reese tells camera he’s super sad about Legends potentially closing. Why don’t you come on down?
6. Because of that... Minor Beat Documentarian, asks if he heard the guy didn’t recover from his heart attack (which leads to surfers funeral. Or how do you feel now that the store is closing. “Bummer.”
7. Until finally... Major Beat Surfer Funeral for the guy Reese saved. The guy’s ambulance gets in an accident. Parallels store closing
7. Until finally... Minor Beat The owner decides to close the store since they are not doing better than his offer from the developer
8. And ever since then... Major Beat Reese used his internet fame to open up his own online store (even though he hates that).
8. And ever since then... Minor Beat Reese makes a Youtube channel Thanks to you guys and the doc, Legends didn’t make it by I did.
Lots of buzz on my SurfTube channel, and I even opened up my own surf store.
8. And ever since then... Minor Beat Reese goes through all the names he was thinking (long list like the surf brands). It took some time to come up with the name with so many contenders: Surf Legends, Legendary Surf, Reese’s, but that’s taken, Surf on Tap, Surferito, Snickerdoodle Surf, Not on My Surf, For what it’s Surf, Wrecking Crew Surf, Surf Icons, wait, no, Icons of Surf, that’s it!
8. And ever since then... Minor Beat Icons of Surf
9. The moral of the story is... Major Beat * innovation is not always good (Reese isn't better in having to live his old life, he's less connected)
* Everybody has something to share with the world...for Reese, it's helping others
9. The moral of the story is... Minor Beat “Am I happier now, knowing it would all lead to this? No... But this was as close as I could get back to what I had.”
9. The moral of the story is... Minor Beat “I didn’t need to learn anything. My life was exactly how I wanted it, is that a crime to just be content? To find peace without wanting more.
I didn’t need to learn it, but I did learn there’s just things we can’t control. And that’s the way it is.
In a changing world, need to find our place. Mine is to be the one and only Icons.”

The support of our wives and daughters.
Lynchy the Legend.
And of course, Icons of Surf.

Special Thanks:

Super DeGary Bros.

Dan, Travis

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