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The What if Idea I like the most is "What if we started giving birth to plants instead of babies"

It makes me think about how much importance and care we would start giving to those baby plants.
At one point no one would want to touch or have to do anything with plants because of being scared of being sued by others or being politically or morally incorrect. So what looked like having more care and respect to plants would turn out to be negative in the end, where no one could have anything to do with plants anymore and stop us from being in contact with them.

It also makes me think humans as we know them would rapidly cease to exist in only one generation because humanity would be lost but we would become all plants eventually.

What I found confusing at this point is if giving birth to plants instead of babies would happen to everyone or just a few, because the social impact would be different.

Mi suggestion is to develop this idea further and to focus on its social impact because somehow this idea rapidly leads to think in a social way, not just one character or set of character in particular buy how those characters lead with the current situation socially.

-Team Raining Frogs



People giving birth to plants definitely intrigues me the most! Would there still be a wide variety of plants? Would people choose what kind of plant? Would people choose if they want a baby or a plant?



People giving birth to plants definitely has my interest I wonder what kind of people would give birth to what kind of plant?



My favorite idea was the otters idea, probably because I think it's so wholesome and I love otters. It make me wonder: Do the otters know they're the only ones to experience true love? Does that create conflict with other animals? I think the universe the otters live in could be clearer.



Playing in high heels, sounds like a comedy that had all kinds of interesting stories. Imagine running in heels, turn ankles, falling over, jumping to into each other. It makes me wonder if it's even possible so the story behind this will be interesting. Nothing appeared to be unclear at this point.



I like the idea of the otters. It’s interesting partially because I love otters and because I would like to see how it is for everyone else.
It makes me wonder if people would have to force themselves to try and love them or if it wouldn’t ever work out for anyone.
I think the idea is clear enough.



I enjoyed the plant idea! It made me wonder if humans would grow like fruit. Would there be baby farms? Nothing was unclear. Good stuff!



AWWW. I'm so in love with all of your ideas! The one that spoke the most to me was "what if humans gave birth to plants." Just hearing that sparked so many ideas in my mind that made me excited to watch a short film about it. In my mind, the plants are a symbol of parenting and providing the basic needs to develop and grow. But parenting is so much more than giving your child food and water. How do the parents show love and affection to the plants? Do they have expectations for them? What happens when its time for the plants to grow up and be independent? Are there ideals for what a "perfect" plant should be? So much room to explore. Amazing job, I can't wait to see what you end up developing!


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otters true love, plants as babies and high heels to rock the game

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