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Jane against the world

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i can't believe it, this story is really eye opening



I like how your story comes together



There is an audio clash, which is disturbing your narration of the story. Though I like your effort with regards your drawing. Focus needs to be given to your story narration first before considering any other audio



Good job guys on getting a story out there in the world! A few notes to consider: why do they not love each other any more? why does the guy decide to try to win her back? Why does she return? The music was a bit too loud at some points and it made it a bit difficult to catch what you were saying, but that is easily fixed. Why do the boy and girl fall in love in the first place? Just things like that. The story structure is there, right now is just the little details as to why. Keep it up guys!


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We had fun creating the last few weeks. It's nice to know that we managed to create a story like this ourselves.

Blanki, Franklin, Cristian, Emili.
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