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Alien Reality TV Show

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I'm really interested to hear more about the show. What are some of the other challenges? How do contestants get eliminated, how exactly do you win? Looking forward to seeing how you do it! All the best to ya!



Very cool, I would love to see an animated tv show with this idea!
The only thing I'm a bit confused it's the moral, i really do love them the way they are, maybe they can simply learn how to collaborate and accecpt the sibling as they are, in their own unique madness!
Love it!!!



Love the moral of the story. I love how they had to compete with aliens to understand this. Maybe more teenagers/kids should compete with aliens lol. After the competition do humans aliens build a stronger relationship with each other? Cool story!



What a fun and great story. Great contrast between the siblings and well put into drawings.
It is yet unclear how exactly Doug gets less cynical and Marlowe less naïve. I hope to see that in the story beats to come. Maybe because of how they become become the best in this show? How they compliment each other and learn from each other's strengths?
I also find unclear how they win the race when their spaceship is broken by Nova Cola.
Suggestion: the reaction of Doug to being entered in the contest by his sister and why he partakes anyway, will I think be a great hook.
Great work!


Max GW (1 like)

Hey I love this fantastical wacky idea! I love the dynamic of two opposite siblings teaming up against aliens from across the universe and having to battle an evil reigning champion sponsored by a ripoff cola company xD The only thing that was unclear to me was why Doug became less cynical and Marlowe less naïve from this experience. How does the end result make them change their attitudes all of a sudden if they were both known for these characteristics at the beginning. I think it would be good to add moments for both of them that make them change their attitude when they go up against the reigning champions.



The world that is described here is so unique! Alien reality tv!? I love that. Also the contrast in the siblings seems really strong, but I feel like there could be more moments where this is played up. One example could be Marlowe uses her imagination to win some of the events and unseat the reigning champs which causes Doug to realize the importance of not being so cynical and uses some of that imagination to throw the cola on the alien ship. One thing I found confusing was the dynamic of the reality show, how do they unseat the reigning champs but then have to face them again? That's one thing that stuck out as confusing. I also wasn't quite clear on some of the emotional aspects of the story spine. For example, I personally didn't feel super invested in emotions of the "because of that..." beats though I still think they're creative, especially the soda company which is hilarious. I wonder if Doug could maybe be sipping on them earlier while watching tv and loafing around. These drawings and character designs are soooooo strong and feel like such a fun dynamic. I love how they balance each other one being less cynical and one less naive. Looking forward to seeing it develop.



I really the creativity here and the fun challenges that they will face! Reminds me of Ratchet and Clank exploring their universe.

I liked the sibling aspect and Marlowe naively doing something her brother might like! I think the characters are set and understandable. How do they react in these challenges? How does Doug react to his sister signing them up for a reality alien show? Is he self-conscious and pissed at Marlowe for making him do "stupid" challenges on TV? Does Marlowe get hurt when Doug lashes out at her? How do they handle themselves in these challenges? In the end, do they spend more time with each other? Does Doug become less cynical and play more with his sister? Good job, looking forward to seeing this story!



I have a huge soft spot for sibling dynamics in stories, it's one of my favorite relationships to see explored. I think overall your story is very clear in how one event leads to the next, and how it all wraps up. I would love to know more about Marlowe and Doug's dynamic throughout the course of the movie, and given their contrasting personalities, how they bond or put aside differences. What conflicts do they get into and how do they overcome it? Do their own issues ever jeopardize their standings in the competition? Do they help each other learn the moral of opening up perspectives? I think going into a little more detail here will help reinforce the theme you are aiming for on an otherwise really solid story spine!


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MORAL The world is bigger than your perspective / don't judge a book by its cover ONCE

UPON A TIME There were 2 siblings: Marlowe, a quirky and adventurous little girl, and Doug, a moody teenager

EVERY DAY Marlowe ran around on imaginary adventures, while Doug loafed around the house judging things the way teenagers do.

UNTIL ONE DAY Marlowe signed them both up for a reality TV show that she heard Doug sarcastically praise

BECAUSE OF THAT Doug and Marlowe competed in strange events against contestants from across the galaxy

BECAUSE OF THAT They unseated the reigning champs, a team of robots sponsored by Nova Cola (the largest cola manufacturer in the universe)

BECAUSE OF THAT The robots poured Nova Cola in the engine of Doug/Marlowe's spaceship during the final racing event, and took the lead

UNTIL FINALLY Doug thew a leftover can of Nova Cola at the robots, short-circuiting them, and finished the race in 1st place

EVER SINCE THEN Doug has been less cynical, and Marlowe less naïve

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