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- I love the second idea - transport to the decade through music. I love this idea because it's about time travel, i love anything to do with time travel or time-machine or transporting. I love the concept of time travel, learning from the past, history, or from ancestors, past selves.
- I wonder if there are any consequences to being transported.
- I am unclear about where she got the record player from? did someone give it to her? how did she find out the first time? did she had to say a magic spell or press a button to be transported, at what time duration does the character gets transported? as soon as the music plays or in the middle of the music? can anything get transported with her or just her?

Great ideas, Great job Team FuzzyHair ! Can't wait to see how this progresses.


Halle (1 like)

The records playing one is my favourite - so many chances to explore music and culture. I'm imaging a vivid soundtrack to accompany it!
Is there a glitch that turns the record player into a magical device?
How do you get back?


Jay (1 like)

Oh the record player one is very cool! So many questions, who made that player? How will they get back? Can they bring something with them? Can they change the past? How can you connect the timelines, so the story doesn't play in just one musical era? Does it only apply to the times the music was recorded or can someone also jump to f.e. the classical era cause an orchestra recorded the old music on vinyl?


Ryan (1 like)

My favorite idea was the record player teleport device, I feel there's a lot of different story routes you could potentially go with that. Im curious how the person in your drawing came to get that record player? Maybe it was passed down onto her? Is anyone looking for this device? Im a little unclear on how time will be affected while she time travels. Overall, really great idea, I'm excited to see where you take it!


Varian (1 like)

My favourite of all of 'em is certainly the record player!! I am weak for time travel stories and with "the sound of muuusiiic~" it would bring a new refreshing swing to it! I wish I could be and back and then right next to the Artist or the place they actually recorded the track. I wonder what culture clash there would be when, as a classic music listener, you suddenly happen to be at one of Mozarts concerts in a sloppy oversized hoodie for example! Is the music time travel a certain thing to anyone or just the protagonist? What does it mean for the Character? Will they lose track of time? How does it affect Time and history? These things are a bit uncertain to me and I would love to know how you handle them.


Chad (2 likes)

I like the teleporting music. I wonder about if you listen to current music what would happen? It is unclear so far how it would work is there a button you push? Is it just one person at a time or could it be a group of friends sitting around listening and POOF their in the 70's. Is no control on how to get back? Do you have to wait until that side of the record ends?


Nicole (2 likes)

I really like the record player been able to transport you to the decade or current place of the artist. I wonder if the person traveling would be able to interact with the artist or the people around or if she would be alone. Or if she would be able to interact only with people that has also travel to the decade. I wonder if when person comes back would be able to remember what happen.


Dwayne (2 likes)

I really like the music one, its raw and could really provide different experiences depending on what you were listening to and what you look like. All of your ideas are great and cover often unlooked themes. The music one does make me wonder that if you go to a time period, how do you get back? Its unclear to me that if you are listening to a record from a current artist would you go anywhere? Is it only records recorded at a certain studio?


Brit (1 like)

Amazing drawings & ideas, I really love the record player idea because it pulls you back to that time period. So many interesting questions come out of do they get back? How do they discover the record player (is it just that one record player?) But also the alien one is also really interesting and original, it could make for a really funny yet thoughtful 'alien invasion story' which breaks all the conventions... impossible to pick!!!


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1. What if you had the ability to bring your drawings to life only to do harm to another. 2. What if a record player could magically transport the listener to the decade or current place of the artist who recorded the music. 3. What if Mars had a society that worshiped obese martians and they were searching the universe to find a new food source.

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