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Act 2 Mona

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Act 1:

Once upon a time…there was a girl named Mona, short for Monachopsis, who lived in a world where everyone was born with a birthmark that determined their future career…except for her.

-To blend in, Mona always went out in public wearing a scarf. It allowed for her neck to be covered and offered a sense of security.
-Shocked by Mona’s bare neck, a birthmark interpreter declared that Mona had until the age of 18 to decide what career she would pursue, or else, it would be decided for her.
-As Mona grew up, she was scared about not having a place in the world, yet, ambitious about finding where she fits in.

Every day…Mona tried different hobbies hoping they would spark interest.

-But unfortunately, none of these endeavors worked out.
-On discouraging days, Mona escaped to her secret hiding spot where she could watch all the people who seemed to have it all figured out, leaving her feeling lost.
-Although her family was supportive, she still felt like she didn't fit in.

Until one day while watching TV, Mona saw that her favorite actor, Reed Serene, would be attending the town’s upcoming festival that celebrated the start of the careers of young adults.

-Reed Serene was not just an actor, but a celebrity who was incredibly humble, humorous, kind, and advocated for people to always believe in themselves and their goals.
-the actor brought immense inspiration to Mona, as many of his plays/movies explored the theme of feeling lost or trapped.
-it seemed crucial to attend the festival to see him. Maybe she would be lucky enough to meet him and have a life-changing conversation.

Act 2:

Because of that…Mona made it a mission to attend the festival with the goal of meeting the famous actor.

⁃ Unfortunately on the day of the festival, a large, crazed crowd was hoping to do the same.
⁃ But Mona knew that she had to talk to her idol, Decision Day was approaching.
⁃ She stepped into the mob of flashing cameras and screaming fans.

Because of that…Mona attempted to make her way to the front of the stage to see Reed Serene.

-She tried to be as cautious as possible maneuvering through people.
-Right as she was inches away from being near the front of the stage, she tripped and her scarf came off, thus revealing her bare neck.
-Gasps spread throughout the crowd until even Reed Serene himself took notice of Mona and the cameras pointed to her.

Because of that…leaving her scarf behind, Mona ran away from the festival to her secret hiding spot.

-Tears started streaming down her face, not only due to embarrassment, but because her last chance at getting clarity on her future seemingly failed.
-She felt more alone than ever.
-Now her secret was fully revealed to the world and she was still lost about her path, leaving her feeling hopeless.

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