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The Potion Shop

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Megan (1 like)

I really like this story - it was such a fun concept. I also wish there were more frames with color as a few people have commented; however, I think that from a storytelling perspective, it was a well-developed story. It was a little heavy on the narration and a little light on dialogue so I think the team might be able to convert some narration to dialogue. However, I really liked the message that the story told and was able to follow along. Great job! :)


Chad (1 like)

Interesting story. I wish there was more color throughout, some frames really need color. The narration was overpowering the images. I would have like the to be some sound effects and background music.


Christopher (2 likes)

I liked the ending where they were shown to be harmless.

Nothing confusing.


Kara (2 likes)

Fantastic storytelling! I really appreciate your use of color to provide contrast and light. Your art style really sets the mood.


Belen (2 likes)

Congrats!! this is a great story I really enjoyed the third act! great job!!


AJ (2 likes)

The story is cute and nice. I like how she gained her confidence and she kept doubting herself. The chemistry between the 2 was a nice contrast too.


Julie (2 likes)

WOW! All the pieces really came together in your final reel! Loved the illustrations and how they supported the story. I really liked the additions to the story that clarified Kat's background, the potion store and the spirit release. Really great job!! I can even see sequels to this with more interactions between the spirits and the human world!


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Final project created by Kristin, Panote, and Sarah.
Enjoy our final story reel!

Potion Bus
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