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The Majestic: Act 1 & 2

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Act 1:
Once upon a time, there was a Majestic building. A place for grand entertainment.
People meet at the ticket booth, and eager children rush past beleaguered parents to get inside to see the show.
Every day people clamor to be seen at the next opening.
Inside and before the show; dancers and actors rehearse as they nervously prepare for the show to open.
Everyone likes to go outside the Majestic and take their selfie in front of the Box Office poster.
Until one day, the ticket booth closes for what seems like an eternity.
The city is empty except for the crows who wonder where the good snacks have gone.
Act 2:
Because of that, the Majestic is happy to have a break from the daily grind.
The crows fly back and forth searching for scraps.
Then they realize there is no one around, and there is not going to be a show opening anytime soon.
Because of that, the Majestic is sad.
The streets are empty and the neighboring coffee shop is dark and empty.
There will not be a dinner rush after any shows.
Because of that, the crows remind the Majestic to remember all the shows that have run.
The Majestic starts to recall a ballet with all the costumes and sets.
Because of that, the Majestic begins to glow with the memories lighting up the space.

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