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Friends From Far Away

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This story reel is very well done. The drawing style has a nice look and the color in relation to each character gave me the ability identify the characters quickly and follow the story. Also all of the sound effects provided a very nice extra layer to support the scenes. Great job!



The art style is really nice to look at and the flow of the story was great! Your story had a very chilled vibe to it and made me feel like i was watching a feel-good holiday movie. The only thing i'd suggest to improve it is to add some sort of conflict between the friends because your summary says that they need to figure out how to reconnect and how to navigate adult-hood but from my perspective they all remained connected (e.g. we can see that they text each other) and I didn't notice any of the characters struggling with any issues related to adult-hood. Maybe they all meet up at the airport and realise how different they've become with the different things they're doing in their own lives and they might not see eye-to-eye at first. But then they see the damaged tree-house and repair it together and in doing so build up their friendship again (this would be symbolically important too because the treehouse represents their friendship). Otherwise, really great story - awesome work!



I can definitely relate to this. I like the color you placed on each character. Timing was well laid out, yet some areas could have been speed up. Great work and keep going..



What did you like or love about this submission? I thought the art work was unique looking the visual story telling was good.
What did you find confusing or unclear? The biggest thing was trying to figure out what the stakes were and character development type related things to the story.
What suggestions do you have to make it stronger? For short films it's difficult to develop 4+ characters. It might have been more engaging for the audience if it was 2-3. I thought the production aspects were good however the focus on story and characters it seemed off. May extending it further or the opposite of condensing would help.

Great job with production!



I love it all of it it’s great and beautiful and has a very cute amazing relatable story. And the art is just great including the videography and everything related to it.




Would love to see more of the wood chopper in the future :)

Touching story, great work



I love how can together say good bye to something important in their lives and begin a new chapter together too.



I loved it! It is so cool how they stayed friends all these years and they still remembered the tree house and cared about it. It was so sweet that they cared about it enough to plant a tree in it's place. Great work!!!!!



I really loved this story!! the end is so poetic!! beautifull!



This was sooo pretty! I really enjoyed the last frames!


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Four friends build a treehouse and grow up together. Now they have to navigate adulthood and find a way to reconnect.

Team Members:
Anastasia Adleta
Elle Stumbaugh
Jonah Stumbaugh
Christian Adleta

Friends From Far Away
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