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A young boy named Isaiah desperately tries to fill the empty void he feels after his father passed away. Although his grandfather has moved in to help raise him, he's not able to connect with his grandfather because he's always on him telling him to do this and that.

When a school dance comes up the boy wants to ask a girl he likes, but he lacks the confidence. He feels lonely and his grandfather asks him to sit down and talk. They connect for the first times on a more mature level and his grandfather even gives him some advice about how to approach the girl. The boy feels better and takes his grandfathers advice. He asks the girl to the dance and she says yes!

The boy runs home to tell his grandfather the good news but learns that his grandfather collapsed and is in the hospital. He has a short last moment with his grandfather, but then he soon passes away. The boy is really missing his grandfather because they had just started to connect as friends.

The boy discovers a box of momento's that's full of letters and photo's illustrating his grandfather's life. He learns so much about the amazing life his grandfather lived and starts to understand why his grandfather was on him all those years and what he was trying to teach him. The boy is inspired to make something of his own life and serve the community in a meaningful way his grandfather did.

He also wants to make sure that when he has a child that he makes sure he connects with him and knows who his grandfather was.

Nazish Naqvi
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