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I liked the video and I also like your drawings and the way they gave the drawing and you can see that some sad people



i really like your story spine it is lit!



I really liked this video and I also like your drawings and the way they gave the drawing and you can see that some sad people etc.



I like some of the story line but i think u could have added more into the story like his sons get lost while playing so he thinks they where killed in the attack, but then once hes going to attack and starts the attack he finds them and that leads to a greater character development like the emotions the father felt or his tribe felt.



While I am a fan of the classic don’t continue the cycle of violence story, it also just feels wrong to just have the native Americans be attacked and simply have to take it because they don’t want to contribute to unnecessary violence, the only issue is that they were provoked first, simply by the fact that the cowboys felt threatened. These people had everything taken from them, this sort of one sided violence should at least be defended against( in my opinion).I think it might be better to have a long term conflict way before the story begins where both sides aren’t innocent just to really push the breaking of the cycle,(it doesn’t matter who started it) where they both have misconceptions about the other group that get resolved within the story through communication and really just exposure to the other group to see them as human (like the guy with his kids). There’s nothing that really pushes that realization on the main character other than seeing his daughter but it might be more impactful to see a cow girl/boy/child? It might also be a story where you don’t need to necessarily forget what was done but forgive and move on, but you don’t necessarily have to be buddies afterwards either as well.



I like your drawings and storyline but I couldn’t really hear it, maybe talk louder next time.


Sophia Rose Imelda (1 like)

I love the indigenous angle to this story! I think this is an important story to tell


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