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Mel the Bee

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the protagonist in our story is named mel, an unconfident bee who lives in a normal colony. due to his clumsiness and introverted mannerisms, he is not liked by many of his colleges. he is often told that him and bee's his age have it easy and are just lazy by the older generation of bees through out his life despite having no control over the way his society was built. one day, the bee's had mistaken a brown bear as a queen and crowned her as the leader of the colony. it seems that no one but mel had known their queen was a bear in a poorly disguised bee outfit. mel knew how dangerous this would be for the entire colony, but he doesn't have the guts to speak out against the queen and her loyal subjects. mel would want to warn everyone and protest about the bear using them to eat the honey they worked so hard to make, but what he needs is the confidence to get out there and make a statement change the minds of the colony.

Gabriel Silvis and Cameron Duenas
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