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Majestic Story Reel

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A lonely historic theater in a once-bustling city; wonders when will the show go on?
Shows are canceled and the streets are empty. What will happen to the Majestic if we are not needed by people? I will need to find a way to transform myself to bring the people back. I can remember every opening night. Will the memories become a reality once more? Will my many windows reflect the bustling life of hurried & excited people once again?

When the lights are on the building sings with delight! This night is like no other. The golden hues from the aging lights reflect within an empty scene. The night echoes with the sounds from past plays, concerts, and dance. And the building sighs from the mostly empty streets. The show must go on and return to this street someday.

The Majestic learns to adapt by believing in itself and with the help of some friends.

Once Upon a time, there was a majestic building; a place where memorable entertainment would take place for all the elegant guests for the night. Every day people would clamor to be seen at the next opening of the upcoming musical or Broadway hit because all the world's a stage. Until one day no one opened the box office. Because of that: the majestic is lonely, confused, and sad. Because of that, the crows wanted to know why there were no longer any performances. Because of that: The Majestic thinks it cannot have performances. Until finally, the crows remind the Majestic it’s been a part of every performance. So the Majestic remembers its stories. Because of this, the Majestic is sure this will bring back the joy. And ever since then: the crows help to spread the news about performances at the majestic because the show must go on.

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