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Partners in Crime

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Hi team SLAYboarding!

The ending was HILARIOUS LOL. I really liked the illustrations, sound effects, and music! I would have to agree to make it a bit longer that way we can have more visual detail on what's going on, but other than that, great job!



GAHAAHAHACK—YOU—YouuuuUUUU—YOUUU. I—I can’t. Well done. Just—well done. The sound design—the music—the comedic timing—everything—absolutely flawless. The brassy big band jazz behind the chaotic heist hijinks—it’s so endlessly entertaining. From frame one, you grab and demand and hold my full attention at gunpoint. Nothin’ gets me going more than this no-common-sense, cutesy love comedy unfolding amidst all of these crazy antics.

Now, look—I’ll be completely honest, there are a few moments that I’m unable to tell what’s happenin’, but those moments are more than made up for by the parts which are super clear and readable. For example, the hand blush. Full redemption. That classic anime “ah, I touched their hand! uwu oh no” over a literal detonation device—gold. And, kissing while backlit by that heart explosion? Hilarious. They out here actin’ like there’re fireworks goin’ off. Seriously, great recontextualizations of cliches.

If I were to make any suggestions, it’d of course be to make it longer—‘cuz I craved to see a few more rivalry moments in their enemies-to-lovers romance arc. And, I’d also come to a consensus about the designs of the characters, since I could tell there were some pretty big discrepancies, and at times I had trouble identifying who was who.

Real quick, lookin’ between the description and the video, it seems that the “The two criminals battle for the top spot” part is completely missing? I think that was probably where I had the most confusion, too—going from Crimelord under the getaway car to Crimelord suddenly being cornered. Addin’ that scene in would fix virtually all of the issues I had with this.

Anyways, once again, phenomenal work—look forward to seeing what y’ guys do in the future. By the way, what song is this? ‘Cuz, dang, it be boppin’.



Hey, I love how action-packed this is compared to most submissions, I also love the clever ways the protagonist commits crimes. It would be great to see this with a narration to understand a little more about the character's internal journey, especially with the love storyline



That’s a creative story. The frames are well done and I like the bad guys falling in love


Kwong Yue

I love the combination of the music and style of animation. It adds an awesome vibe to it. The music gives it this hip beat that makes it feel like a mix of a cool Japanese movie and Ocean's 11. Great work! Can't wait to see it fully animated!



I like the spy vs spy turned romance type plot. Kinda gives me the kinda vibe I would get from a series like The Great Pretender, or Lupin. I would love the use of Wild Side from Beastars, it overall matches the fun tone you were going for. Overall enjoyed it a lot! Although some of the characters motivations could've been flushed out, it didn't really need it since it was kind of a sweet short anyways.



Hi, I like the music choice and how it all blends together. I enjoyed the fast pacing of your story and I think it makes your story interesting and funny! However, you can slow down some parts of your scene which could be more helpful to your audience to catch up with your storyline in real time. Good Work!



Hi, interesting story. You really should do some narration and slow down some of your pacing, for what I could tell, some images could use a few more seconds on the screen. I like the idea of two badguys falling in love.


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There was a crimelord who was the best at committing crimes and enjoyed the excitement of seeing their hard work go noticed. One day, they stole a wallet from someone’s back pocket while they were distracted, and used their money to buy their everyday go-to coffee. After his purchase, he leans in and winks at the barista, leaving a big tip!
Crimelord walks past the bright news billboard, where their face is shown and is being reported on for crimes committed. Soon after, their picture changes to another criminal, Pyromaniac, and the news anchor announces that he has committed another crime that one-ups Crimelord’s. Immediately after, Pyromaniac bursts through the billboard making an explosive entrance. They share a quick glance at each other before Pyro runs off as he is chased by authorities.

A cook mindlessly flips hotdogs at their cart, a customer orders two hotdogs! Its Pyromaniac on a lunch break! After eating one, he hastily takes off, leaving the cook with the other. The cook looks down to see that one of the sausages have mischievously been replaced with TNT and it explodes right in the cook’s face! The authorities are hot on Pyro’s tail!

In the business district of the city, Crimelord suavely rescues an office worker from tripping. In that exchange, Crimelord swipes their ID and grabs a suit to blend in with the crowd. Arriving at the office, they get to their specialty: hacking. They extract the needed info for the next heist and slips away.

Meanwhile, Pyromaniac is still running down the city streets getting chased by the authorities. Dodging pedestrians and parked cars, Pyro notices someones lower body sticking out from under a car. Its Crimelord sneakily hotwiring a getaway car. Before the authorities can get a look at Crimelord, they slip back under the car and leave Pyro running. The two criminals battle for the top spot
Crimelord looks left and right for an exit. He realizes they’re cornered and snaps his fingers, Crimelord looks up and sees Pyromaniac hanging from the ceiling on his grappling hook, offering his hand.They ride together and escape the police cars.The two have finally escaped from the police and overlook the city. Crimelord marvels at the sight, A pause.Pyromaniac holds out the detonator, and Crimelord reaches out to press the button, but accidentally brushes his hand along Pyromaniac’s hand, blushes, and snatches his hand away, before pressing the button.

The city blows up and they hug / kiss.

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