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Week 2 Upload (Sarah Estes)

Please provide final feedback to the creators of this submission below:​

  • What did you like or love about this submission?

  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


I love this design and aesthetic and I feel its very relatable. I find it unclear why she wants to make art which I feel might help me understand and empathize with her more. Maybe she can have some strong reason like her older sister was a good artist but took a steady job and is now clearly miserable and "journey" wants to prove something. Your drawing and animation style are so good! I love the aesthetic



I like your character and I think she is really cute! I love everything about her, she looks like a real person, like someone you could actually be or meet, someone you could fall in love with, not like an unreal Barbie doll.

What I found unclear is if the shadow of insecurity is a character in your story or if it was only a means to express what you were narrating.

My suggestion is to use the shadow as an actual character and to clarify how she will struggle and resolve her problems. To clearly see what it is that actually makes her change something and be able to deal with that problem. It will be great to see her struggle since she seems so relatable, I think emotionally we will feel so connected with her, I can already see and feel it from the expressions you have drawn.

-Team Raining Frogs



I love how the character is relatable! I wonder if she will defeat her creative block. I would suggest that the character learns more about herself through this art block journey.



I love Adwin's design! You have a strong grasp of the character's personality and how she handles art block. I wonder if the story will progress after Adwin "defeats" her creative block. It would be interesting to see what she makes to inspire others



Really great work! I love the very specific/distinct traits you gave your character and the fun nickname. It'd be great to see how her nickname "Journey" could be represented in her appearance. I'm also curious how the "creative block" could be represented, could it a person, some kind of spirit, or something else entirely?


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