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Smoke Me - A Cigarette in Love

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who wished she could quit smoking. Her wish was carried by the wind until it got sucked into a cigarette factory. The seed with the wish fell on a cigarette and gave life to it. And the cigarette was brought back to the girl. The girl opened the package, It was love at first sight for the cigarette, but she couldn’t see him. She was about to smoke him, but then put him away trying to resist it. But the urge was too strong, she reopened the box, picked up another cigarette, and closed the lid. Our cigarette tried to open the lid again, but he couldn’t see much. He would only see her taking out other cigarettes until he was the last one still inside the box. Frustrated, the girl threw away her calendar and tried to relax by playing her guitar. The cigarette started daydreaming about a life together: Spending a day by the pool, watching TV, and having a romantic dinner. Back to reality, she fell asleep sofa with the TV on, when a shocking antismoking ad played on the screen. For the first time, the cigarette realized that he was a threat to her life! The girl wakes up, picks up the box and places it on top of the stove to prepare a tea. The cigarette looks at her, takes one last breath, and throws himself into the tea. He thinks he's dead for a moment but later realizes that she kept it as a souvenir of her last cigarette.

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