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Marin-Act 1

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Marin- ACT 1
Once upon a time…there was a person who had been cursed to be a shapeshifter, to wake up each and every day with a new random face. Their name was Marin.
Minor beat…Marin used to be a famous public figure…well known for grandiose acts of community service.
Minor beat…Marin approached a great goddess and asked for a blessing for the people. The Goddess saw that they were not asking for the people’s sake, but to bolster Marin’s own public image. She saw their selfish intentions, and decided to teach them a lesson. Broken and ashamed, Marin fled the life they had, and went into hiding.

Every day… Marin would walk into town to find some way to use their daily form to help people…the goddess said the curse would only lift when Marin learned their lesson.
Minor Beat…but because no one recognized Marin’s face any more, the good deeds didn’t hold the same punch they used to. No one recognized Marin’s face any more so what was the point?
Minor Beat…Marin tried to tell people their name, to tell everyone they were the missing celebrity…but no matter how hard they tried, they were prevented by the curse to communicate that to anyone.

Until one day…Marin was walking home on the old country road when they heard a young voice call out, “help!”
Minor Beat…A young wizard girl was struggling to catch her cat, who had escaped, and Marin helped her catch it, because their form was particularly agile that day.
Minor beat…The young girl, Solaire, thanked Marin and told them she could tell there was a curse on them, and if they agreed to be her hireling, and help her on her journey to being a professional wizard, she would help them break their curse.

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