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I like how the lines really add detail to the video



i love how lines rlly add detail to the picture


Mattie (1 like)

I like the art and feel it goes really well with the story. I am unclear on how the wolf and bunny become friends. Traditionally, they are enemies so I want to know more about how they became crime-fighting friends. The only thing I would change is making it clearer on how the bunny and wolf became friends. Really original idea!


Sara (1 like)

I liked the fact that the characters have backstories that help direct the action.
It was a little unclear what caused the main character to change her mind about getting involved in solving the problem- what was the incident that convinced her to change her course?
Show character reflection- overcoming negative events from the past usually involves reflecting and processing the events.


Hunter (1 like)

I really like the idea and moral of the story.


Ian (1 like)

It’s a really good story and good drawings.


kadynce (1 like)

I really like your idea!


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