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Achromatic World

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Animated/edited by Alina Park
Developed Story altogether (Alina Park, Gillian Bui, Andrew Kang)
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This is a world without color. Everything in the universe is achromatic, including Earth. No one has witnessed any colors except for black and white, and they do not know any other color exists.

The main character wakes up and walks to his workplace and takes a trip to space. It has been his dream to travel to space and explore the world outside of the boring planet.

He visits hundreds of achromatic planets, not expecting to find anything. Finally, after a long exploration, he comes across a planet that seems different from the rest. After further probing, he finds glowing colors! He reluctantly reaches out to touch them, and immediately, we see these colors begin to spread and give him colors too.

He decides to take the colors back to Earth to show everyone. He somehow collects the colors in his arms and brings them back on his spaceship. As he soars through the universe and back to Earth he thinks, finally, humanity can live in color once again!

As he approaches Earth, the spaceship becomes rockier. Red lights and buzzers go off and he frantically tries to find out what’s wrong. He figures out that the engine broke down and he might not be able to make it back to Earth. Panicked, he makes the split-second decision to sacrifice himself. It is hard, but he knows it must be done. He takes the colors in his arms and jumps out of the spacecraft before it explodes, shielding the colors in his arms.

As he falls back down to the gray surface of the Earth, he releases the colors as they begin to fall to the ground. The colors spread around the Earth and the planet became lively and beautiful.

With the main character's sacrifice, everyone is now able to enjoy the colors and live in a new world. He never regrets his sacrifice and he peacefully closes his eyes with a smile on his face.

1. It's good to have a balance of all your emotions rather than just one
2. Face your problems and address/resolve them
3. Don't be afraid of trying new things. Even if the result is not as good as expected, the fact that you courageously tried matters the most.
4. Selflessness and sacrifice. Good things should be spread around, not kept away from others.
5. Preserve Earth’s natural beauty as is, before it becomes too late.

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