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Once upon a time…
…There was an old computer that was brought out of storage and fixed.  On the desk, next to this computer, there was a new smart phone. Every day…
…The old computer would try to communicate with the new smart phone, to no avail.  The smart phone was too busy texting, swiping and scrolling to notice or care. But one day…
…the smart phone lost connectivity to the internet. Because of that…
…he frantically tried to run his apps.  The old computer tried to communicate. Because of that…
…he frantically tried to text.  The old computer tried to communicate. Because of that…
…he frantically tries to play music.  The old computer tried to communicate. Until finally…
…the old computer offers up a game of tic-tac-toe.  The smart phone, in defeat, accepts the game. Ever since that day…
…the smart phone plays various games with the old computer.  Even when the internet comes back, the smart phone continues to see the value of real friendship instead of a fabricated one. The moral of the story is…
…it’s better to slow down and enjoy genuine friendship than the fabricated friendship of thousands.

Matthew and Christopher
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