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Glow is a story about a boy named Lux, who lives in a village called Solis Villa. Everyone in Solis Villa has the ability to glow. Every day, Lux runs around the village trying to help people out with his home made gadgets! One day, when helping a girl get her cat out of a tree, an officer of the village stumbles upon one of Lux's gadgets. The officer uses the gadget against an umbra creature and when the invention works, he tries to find out who created it. Soon the officer and Lux are formally introduced, and because of that Lux's gadgets become extremely popular. Because his gadgets become popular and highly used, people ask for his help more often. Lux, sure that he could make all the gadgets on his own, avoided others help and continued to work on his gadgets. Because of that Lux overworked himself to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. One day, a particularly DIFFICULT villager asks for a gadget, and impatiently pesters Lux to the point where he snaps! Turning into an umbra creature himself! Trapped inside his mind, Lux tries to calm himself, but is unable too. Until, he hears the voice of his mom. Slowly he calms down, and returns to his normal self. Ever since that day, Lux has gained a team of people to help him build gadgets for the town, and has learned to say no and take breaks. The moral of the story is it's okay to seek help from others, and if you feel mentally and physically exhausted, take a break.

Mila White and Erik Luis
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