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Maria & Selena

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Maria is a caring, creative mom, who loves her kids and wants all of their dreams to come true. She works hard at making sure her family has the things they need in order to be successful and be everything they desire. Between this, work and daily life she is kept very busy. She rarely has time for herself and what she wants is usually pushed to the back burner so she can give others 100%. When her daughter begins working hard at becoming a college athlete, Maria makes sure she gets to lessons, practices, games and tournaments. But all of this brings up painful memories from her childhood as an athlete. Maria has not fully resolved her feelings about her unfulfilled athletic dream. She carries the pain of quitting and wonders what could have been. She tries very hard not to let this affect her assistance with her kid's dream, but, she fears her child carrying a lifetime of pain and guilt the sports dream doesn't work out. Maria feels conflicted between her feelings and her job as her kids biggest champion. Keeping herself and her kids physically and mentally well is a lot of work and at times overwhelms her.

Selena is smart, driven, very competitive and an accomplished athlete. She dreams of playing college sports and is spending every waking moment towards achieving that goal when not in school. She believes if she continues to work hard, that she will play in college and believes the sacrifices are completely worth it. Sometimes she is blinded to exactly what those sacrifices are because of her all-consuming drive. It is hard to know what you are missing, when you are completely invested and involved with something else.

These two characters Maria & Selena will swap childhoods for a bit. Through this shared experience, Maria will learn to release her past with her daughter's help and Selena will find a new path to success.

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