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"Pull" - ACT 1

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We are introduced to Davenburg, a city somewhere on the east coast of the US. The audience sees people flying around, propaganda posters reminding to not use prohibited technology, and a slight difference in the overall vibe due to the gravity situation in the world. Then we are introduced to Danylo happily listening to his favorite songs. Danylo himself is a complicated person. He has those interests that literally no one ever has like doing voiceovers in his native language and collecting antique objects of the past, so he doesn't have anyone like-minded to talk about it, and when he attempts to he clearly sees that the other person isn't interested. He has friends but he feels that he doesn't really exist much in that circle. Whenever he sees his school friends hang out together through their pinsta stories, flying around the city, he always questions if he's just not fitting into the environment he lives in. He wants to belong somewhere. The same morning he finds out his dad used to work for a big tech company Reveyl4. He doesn't really care cause his father died a long time ago and he doesn't remember him. We find out he died in an accident. Danylo's mother reminds him that his dad died right the same day the first gravity depletion happened, that also is Danylo's birthday. She says it's a funny coincidence. The beginning of the story is basically his usual morning before and during school. The next shot shows Danylo walking home from school drinking something. A loudspeaker announces that the next gravity depletion is soon to start and that the citizens should brace themselves and pack anything that might float away and cause litter when the gravity comes back on. Danylo is listening to his headphones, but the statewide announcement system is implemented into electronic devices, so he hears the message anyway. He doesn't really pay attention cause he's used to it so much. He continues walking as things start to slowly rise in the air, people start to swim through the cloudy sky, and the roads are now guarded with an impact-inducing magnetic walls that turn on so the cars don't float onto the public walking areas and don't hit buildings. Danylo continued walking. Something was off. He looked down. He was still on the ground.

Vlad's team of one!
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