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Act 1 & 2 Storyreel

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Once upon a time, there was self-important and obnoxious igneous rock called Toro who lived at the top of the Grand Canyon. His favorite activity was soaking up the sun on a hot summer’s day. His favorite view of the Canyon was when the stars were out on a clear night.

Every day, Toro would make fun of the rocks at the bottom of the canyon for being inferior because he had the best view in the canyon. Toro would see other rocks with strong friendships from the top of the canyon. They would play tag, dance, and sing songs. Toro wanted to have friends who thought he was cool so he touted himself as superior and amazing. In reality, Toro's displays of arrogance were to cover up his sensitivity about his lack of friends.

Until one day, a tour group spotted a cool-looking tree while Toro made fun of the rocks at the bottom. A family on the tour group wanted to take a picture at the tree, which was Toro’s unique pedestal, and Toro wanted to be a part of it so he climbed to the top of the tree. After the photo, Toro accidentally slipped off the tree and a child spotted him. The child tossed him up and down for a second, making Toro believe he was amazing enough to be valued by a human, until the child threw him off the cliff for fun. In the fall to rock bottom, Toro bounced off the cliff walls and tumbled through weeds. At the bottom, Toro noticed he was chipped, much to his displeasure.

Because of that, Toro met a rock at the bottom of the canyon called Hermit. He demanded Hermit to help him get back up to the top of the canyon. Hermit only agreed after Toro promised to stop degrading the rocks at the bottom.

Because of that, Hermit led Toro to a river, which they need to cross to get back up. Hermit told him to take a long way around but, in his impatience, Toro tried to go his own route. Consequently, Toro slipped off a rock and is swept downstream.

Because of that, Toro gets caught in between some rocks underwater. He cried for help, and in some self-reflection, he apologized to Hermit for not listening. To Toro’s surprise, Hermit saved him from the river. Toro asked why Hermit would do that after the way Toro treated him and Hermit replied "better a rock with a flaw than a diamond without" before they continued their journey.

AJ & Alia
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