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The Magical Sword to afraid to fight - Act 1 Minor beats

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-Once upon a time there was a Magical Sword that didn’t like to fight.
- Minor beat: The magical sword was created a long time ago to fight in the great magical war.
- Minor beat: However its magic was different so it was no good in battle and got its wielders hurt.
- Minor beat: It got scared to be wielded again and did not want to go to battle anymore.
- Minor beat: It was thrown away/discarted because of its uselessness.

- Every day it now lays motionless in a cave.
- Minor beat: ‘Better to be alone in a cave than to hurt people’ it thought.
- Minor beat: After years have passed the sword became bored and lonely. It’s started to talk and sing to birds, worms and rats who didn’t talked back.

- Until one day, a boy was hiding from bullies in the cave and there he found the sword.
- Minor beat: For a moment he thinks he could use the sword against his bullies. But he does not like violence and he puts the sword back down.
- Minor beat: This makes the sword decide to speak to the boy. They both hate voilence.
- Minor beat: The boy loved the sword and both decided to leave the cave together.

Comments - We changed the girl to a boy. We thought the story would benefit more if a boy found it then if a girl would find it. From this there is a more natural way of conflict with the bullies.

Klaas en Marijke
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