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Mr. Charcoal in Recovery-Land

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4- 1° Because of that he arrives at the farm with many horses

Spends the night sharing his joy with the Stars

The next morning he offered to work taking care of the horses
in exchange for learning horse riding

He begun to do the hard work

5- 2° Because of that Mr Charcoal is horse riding doing acrobacies,
feeling happy and with brighter colors

He recovered from some of his mental anxieties

Starts getting injured, but doesn’t pay attention to it

Discovers he is out of shape
and is too weak to do the hard work

6- 3° Because of that tries and tries to do acrobacies
but can’t do it anymore, he is limited and it is too painful

The injuries start to be a real obstacle

He continues but gets even more injured

Mr Charcoal collapses

Raining Frogs
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