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LNaomi is a young girl, 7 years old who is very very shy and timid at first but after getting to know her is very outspoken. She dreams of being famous and loves to sing and dance. Yearning to gain new friends but also being self conscious struggles to find her true-self. As she meets new friends, it’s clear to see that Naomi is a leader who dreams big. Her peers struggle and feel that they have to live in Naomi’s shadow. Others are jealous of her long beautiful hair, confidence, and radiance. Adults, however, seem to be drawn to Naomi like she’s a star.

Naomi does not understand why she struggles with keeping friends which makes her feel more self conscious by the day. She relies on the advice of her mother, grandmother, and cousins. Her family reassures her that she is beautiful, kind, smart, and loved. Her family reminds her that other children treat Namoi that way because they are jealous. Naomi is constantly teased by her peers about being ugly, too smart, and too loud. Her old friends spread lies to others which are quickly believed due to Naomi’s timid personality and lack of a friend circle. Naomi feels defeated each and every day.

On Naomi’ 8th birthday she begins to realize that she can hear and sense plants' thoughts and feelings. They talk to her and tell her when they need more water, sunlight, minerals to help them feel strong, and good company. Naomi begins to feel a strong connection to nature. She feels it’s her personal duty to take care of as many plants as she can. The more she nurtures these plants, the more they nurture Naomi and fill her with affirmations, life, and love.

Naomi begins to understand the power of speaking life to living things and into the world. Her confidence within herself begins to rise. On her 10th birthday Naomi receives a very rare and special cactus called The Old Woman’s Cactus. Naomi fell in love with the cactus immediately. Its beautiful flowers are juxtaposed by its sharp and long thorns. In many ways this cactus reminded Naomi of herself: guarded, unique, and beautiful. Naomi called the cactus ____. She sang and danced to the cactus, confided in it about her peers and school, and nurtured the cactus based on its needs.

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