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For many generations, the Guerrero family has inhabited the mansion near the cemetery located on the outskirts of the city. There, with their mysterious powers, they have helped hundreds of spirits pass to the afterlife. That gift has been inherited to each member of the family once they turn 11 years old. Nowadays in this huge mansion lives Billie with his grandmother Selene, a kind and powerful woman who will teach him all about their legacy once the moment comes, and so billie dreaded this day, since he couldn’t think of anything more frightening than a ghost

Everyday billie goes to school, avoids the other kids, read books, and draws, billie loves to draw. Once out of school billie will help his grandma with cemetery chores, like tending to the flowers, while listening to his grandma selene stories about past ritual, something billie really loved, but could never fathom to be a part of, just thinking about it made him shiver.

Finally billies 11th birthday came and her grandma Selene begins to get everything ready for Billies 1st ritual, she seems full of pride and joy. Billie begins to dress in a tunic that Selene hands him, and his movements are nervous and worried. They walk into the cemetery and Selene puts a circle of candles around them. She starts to read from an old book in a strange language, billies hands start to sweat, he is very nervous. Billie, as uncomfortable as he is, tries to read the phrases but he mispronounces the words. Selene corrects him but he mispronounces again. The third time he tries, he pronounces a word that activates some different energy. Selene, very worried, takes the cup of his hand and starts to say the words herself in an intent of correcting the ritual, but it is too late and a vortex opens above them. As the vortex opens golden threads form all around to them, Billie knew this meant trouble, since those threads connect the living with their loved ones that have passed, unfortunately if the threads touch the ghosts it could make them lose control, change into haunted ghosts and stay in the mortal realm forever

Soon enough he couldn't take it anymore and ran towards the mansion. Selene is left alone, She is trying to keep calm and fix the spell, but billie running away leaves her stunned.

Billie runs to his room, his safe place, he closes the door, and just when he feels safe Billie turns around and sees a ghost dog there in the middle of the room. He screams and jumps into his bed underneath the covers but it didn't matter because when Billie turns around there he is the ghost dog again under the covers.

Because of that Billie comes out of the bed in one big jump and runs. He crashes into the library and all the stuff on the shelves falls and he gets buried underneath all. When falling, a notebook remains open on the page on which one of his drawings shows him as a powerful ghost hunter. The ghost dog sees this drawing and then watches Billie crawling out the mountain of books and stuff. The golden threads out in the window shines and makes Billie’s black silhouette look like the drawing of the terrifying ghost hunter. The ghost dog runs into the bed and hides underneath the covers. Billie sees the drawing and this reaction of the scared dog and he suddenly understands deeply that fear. He tries to get closer to calm the dog down but the dog goes flying out the window.

Billie screams out of the window “Wait!”, but the ghost dog flies away into the woods. Billie decides to go after the dog but when he goes out of his room he sees the ghosts acting up, and the golden threads expanding towards the city

Because of that, Billie runs back to the ritual, there he sees his grandma, she looks weak, all the ghosts that were waiting for today's ritual to pass on to the afterlife start to get affected, they change and seem lost. Everything is getting out of control and Billie feels the need to run away again but he sees his grandma struggling and walks up to her side. As she gets weaker a golden thread grows out her chest but it doesn’t grow in the direction of the vortex, it grows in the direction of the woods. Billie astonished, starts to follow this golden thread, and sees the dog from before, he is unaffected by what’s happening, and guides billie towards the mausoleum, where the golden thread of the grandma are going, when he enters he sees the ghosts of his father and mother wandering around the room like lost souls. In the room he also finds some presents for him and some party-like arrangements. He looks out the window and sees his grandma fainting and some souls getting out of the vortex pulled by the golden threads.

Until finally, billie feels like he can’t breath he turned around and gets himself tangled in a golden thread, he suddenly is able to see into the other realm, the afterlife, and he sees his parents normal, talking, and they see him. Billie tries to run towards them but once he moves the golden thread snaps, and his vision of the other realm is lost, but the thread is gone, and so the ghosts of his parents go back to normal, they tell him that they were waiting for his 11th bday to pass on, that they missed him and that he was the only one who could save the rest of the ghosts, he needed to get rid of the threads and finish the ritual, Billie feels overwhelmed, and so he notices the ghost dog had something on this mouth, that drawing from before billie as a hunter. Billie is filled with courage and runs towards the mansion, billie changes into a costume similar to the one on the drawing, the grabs his favorite book, and picks up flowers that mean peace, serenity and love.

Billie goes back to the circle, prepared to perform his own ritual, the ghost dog is doing laps around the circle. Making sure that the ghosts don’t get out of that perimeter, billie starts to read his book, while grabbing thread by thread that is coming out of the vortex, holding it and breaking it, slowly the ghosts start to become normal, billie sees his grandma gain consciousness, she sits down and is confused at what billie is doing, but joins in with he own chant, once the final thread is broken, it feels like an explosion billie and his grandma are thrown out of the circle, but the vortex is gone, and so are the threads, and the ghosts have passes to the other side.

Billies grandam runs towards him and hugs him, she is proud of him, and asks how did he do it? He didn’t used her books, her garments, how? Billie explains he saw his parents, the surprise party they had all arranged and that gave billie the strength but since he was unfamiliar with everything, he decided to make things his one way. Selene was proud, and so they went back to the mausoleum, so that Billie could have on more day with his parents.

Ever since then, billie performs his owns rituals, with a little help of his new ghost dog friend, he likes doing things his way, but sometimes adds things his grandma teaches him, he feels happier, and more confident, he even started to talk to the other kids at school. The only thing billie needed was to be confident on himself, to stop being afraid of the unknown, but he could have never done that without the help of his loved ones.

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