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Mr Charcoal in Recovery-Land

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Mr. Charcoal in Recovery-Land

1- Once upon a time in a land of animals,
A frog named MR. CHARCOAL got sucked into a tornado and lost everything, even its health. He got burnt-out there and fell from the sky far away from home.

2- Every day
He cried remembering his golden days, regretting that all his efforts were of no use anymore. Illnesses started showing up and he was impatient to recover its former strength as soon as possible.

3- Until one day
He saw a beautiful horse passing by and decided to learn horse riding in order to strengthen its own legs and body. He anxiously followed the horse to the farm where it lived.

4- Because of that
He offered to work taking care of the horses in exchange for learning horse riding, but he was too weak to do the ward work and started getting injured. He didn’t care because he was feeling happy.

5- Because of that
He was able to learn horse riding. Most of his time had to be spent on hard work, carrying heavy buckets of food and water to feed the horses, and cleaning their stables.

6- Because of that
He recovered from some of his mental anxieties, but ended up getting injured physically from the hard work and had to stop and rest, this made him feel disappointed and felt its efforts were useless once again.

7- Until finally
He started taking care of himself the same way he did to the horses, eating nutritiously, living in hygienic conditions, decorating its room, doing rehabilitating exercises, and also giving himself time to rest and take things calmly.

8- Ever Since then
He became stronger, but not fully recovered, took care of himself and became conscious of his current skills and limitations. He became fulfilled and worked on his needs to keep it in that way.

9- The moral of the story is
In order to really take care, one self must accept its current limitations and skills.

Raining Frogs
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