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Leo & the Alien

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Act 1:
Leo drifting through space, being able to touch the stars
Teacher calls, wakes Leo up from his dream
Leo gives presentation on cool space shit, gets really hyped up
Other students don’t seem to care
Leo tries to ask a student he likes to come with him
Leo is politely turned down, feels dejected
Leo gets ready to go up on the hill to stargaze
It’s obvious that the other kids avoid him - he stands alone, obvious the other kids are whispering about him
He leaves school, heads up the hill to stargaze
One shot - in the crowd of the town, seems kind of awkward
Next shot - outskirts of town, time passed, seems less awkward
Third shot - partway up the hill, no one around, more time passed, not at all awkward
Shot we already have of Leo on top of the hill
Leo looks at a planet
Leo looks at supernova
Leo looks for something else, sees aliens changing light bulbs
Leo realizes there are Aliens!
Leo tries to contact alien through laser (maybe laser sight on telescope?)
Alien gets distracted by Leo’s contact, slips on controls
Alien ship tumbles to earth, spilling lightbulbs all over as it does
Act 2
Alien lands next to Leo
Alien mad at Leo for distracting him
Alien tells Leo that he needs to get all the lightbulbs back or the stars will go out
We start seeing stars flickering?
Leo and Alien start searching for lightbulbs
Look in all sorts of weird places
Small carnival
Electronics store
Chases motorcycle, thinking that it’s a bulb
Alien keeps getting distracted by weird earth stuff
They realize they aren’t going to find all the lightbulbs in time
(End of 2, long dark night of the soul)

Berkeley Bloopers
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