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Marin the Shapeshifter- Story Spine

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A self absorbed shapeshifter learns the importance of helping others succeed.
The video got a little long, so here is the story:
Once upon a time…There was a person named Marin who was cursed by a Goddess to be a shapeshifter…to wake up each day with a new face. A stranger to everyone.

Every Day…Marin would walk into town to find some way their daily form could be useful. But because Marin was so used to garnering huge amounts of praise and fame for every little thing they did, the deeds didn’t hold the same punch they used to…no one recognized Marin’s face any more!

Until one day…they met the little wizard apprentice, Solaire, who DID recognize them…I mean, didn’t recognize their faces, but she recognized them as a cursed being, and that the strangers walking by the garden wall every day were the same person all along.

Because of that…Solaire asks Marin to be her hireling, someone to go on quests with her, to help her on her journey to becoming a professional wizard.

Because of that…The two begin going on adventures. Slowly but surely, a friendship forms between the two of them. Together they accomplish some amazing feats!

Because of that…Solaire gets noticed by an emissary of the great goddess, who offers her a quest. Marin notices that this emissary is from the goddess that cursed them to be in this shapeshifting mess in the first place! The two of them seek out their quest…

Until finally…The team is close to finishing their quest, but Solaire finds out that Marin doesn’t care if Solaire succeeds, Marin is only there to break the curse they are under. The two separate, and Marin goes on alone with the quest for the goddess to break their curse. At the last minute, they realize they are being selfish, and go back to save Solaire who has gotten into trouble. The two go back to the goddess and finish the quest together.

And ever since then… Marin and Solaire have been going on adventures together, as a team!

The moral of the story is…Doing things just for the sake of seeing someone else succeed is so important. When we help each other, everyone wins.

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