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Story Structure - Team Potion Bus

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Created by Kristin, Matthew, Panote, Sarah

Video Captions:
1. Once upon a time...
A young woman named Kat, who struggled with social anxiety, started attending college away from home.
2. Every day...
Kat tried to make friends but her anxiety kept getting in the way, leading her to start avoiding other people after she felt like she'd made a bad impression.
3. Until one day...
When searching for a potion that could help her fit in, Kat accidentally unleashed chaotic spirits into the town and college, so she decided to team up with a spirit named Gerald to recapture them and set things right.
4. Because of that,
Kat and Gerald ran around trying to capture the spirits by outsmarting them or using force and nothing worked, until they discovered that they could hypnotize the spirits by dancing in front of them.
5. Because of that,
Kat and Gerald captured spirits across campus by dancing, causing Kat to run into and befriend the people she’d been avoiding due to her social anxiety, although she managed to hide the dancing and the spirits from them.
6. Because of that,
When a powerful group of spirits appeared, Kat was too scared of losing her new friends by dancing in front of them and the spirits escaped, hurting people and causing Gerald to get angry at her.
7. Until finally,
The powerful spirits appeared on the night of a big football game, and Kat gathered up the courage to dance in front of the whole audience, helping to neutralize the destructive spirits and repairing her friendship with Gerald.
8. And ever since then,
Kat has learned to face her fears and embrace the things that make her different, because that’s what true friendships are built on.

Potion Bus
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