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Samson the scared sword - Act 1 and Act 2

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Act 1
Once upon a time there was a magical sword named Samson. It was made so that rust does not touch his steel, other swords do not chip his blade. But also: he can talk. He was made to be a friend for the wielder. Hero’s quests are often long and lonely.

However, Samson was different from other swords. He liked nature, could talk to all living things - not just humans - and did not like to fight. Heroes were not particularly friendly to the sword. They got irritated by the Sword’s stories about trees and beetles. And why did it ask not to kill someone!? “Shut up and be a proper sword! You can’t do anything!”

So sooner or later every hero discarded Samson. They wanted Samson for what the sword didn’t want to do: fight. They saw the sword just as a tool. Not as a friend. Samson was devastated and stayed in a cave where it slept for years and years.

Until one day Samson woke up because a girl named Felice was polishing him.
“What was this?! Take me back to my cave!”
(Hilde was shaken but happy with the sword being magical.)
“I need you so that I can fight the three Looting Soldiers together with my brothers”
Sword thinks: “Another wielder who wants me for violence and not for who I am.”

Sword tries to push her away: “You can’t wield a sword. You’re a girl, not a hero or even a knight. You can’t do anything!”

The girl thinks of her brothers being condescending to her and she keeps practicing.

Because of that Samson sends her through poisonous Sumac Plants to break her down. She endures the pain, scowling.
She almost steps into a nest of Vomit Ants. The sword makes Acid Bristles grow around her ankles.

Girl likes the biology stories though and is interested in the Sword’s stories about plants and animals. She is careful for living things around her.

Because of that, the sword gives advice on what plant soothes the pain of the poisonous plants.
Because of that, they slowly start to like each other. Samson tells the story why he doesn’t want to fight.

Because of that a bird reveals that the gang has grown too big for her two brothers. She has to step up.
“You understand that now you have to fight for me! Or else the gang will take our home!”
But the sword doesn’t understand and they have a big fight.
Because of that, the sword is brokenhearted and asks mice to hide him. Felice looks for him but he’s nowhere to be found.

Felice tells her brothers about the bigger gang that’s on its way. They will be outnumbered and are scared. “It’s time to stop laughing at me and give me a sword!”
“Even if you were excellent with a sword, we would still be outnumbered. It won’t help us!”

Because of that Felice realizes that it’s not the answer. She needs a different solution.
How can they protect their home?
Then she thinks of the answer: Samson can help her in a different way to beat the Gang!

Because of that, they think of a way to win from the gang without bloodshed, using plant and animal knowledge.

Until finally they win, the girl and the brothers are safe. Thanks to her and the sword.
And ever since then…

Klaas & Marijke
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