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Hannah's Story Reel

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Once upon a time…
There was a half human, half therianthrope who possessed exceptional magical capabilities. This caught the attention of her country’s most prestigious magical academy. The staff saw the potential Pygmalion had, but were worried that her natural instincts would turn her into a destructive force, so they had her enrolled into their school.

She would amaze Academy teachers with her skill and talent. She was a quick learner and could easily cast spells that took great amounts of mana. Academy teachers saw a bright future ahead of her.

Until one day…
She got into a disastrous fight with several students because they despised her therianthrope ancestry. In the aftermath of the battle, 2 students had been injured, and a statue had been toppled.

Because of that…
The Academy questioned her capabilities. They began doubting whether or not she could handle her aggressive nature. As a punishment, they suspended her.

Because of that…
Her reputation worsened while she was away. Animosity towards her spread throughout the school; subsequently, her life became much more difficult.

Because of that…
She continued getting into fights and destroyed property out of anger and spite. Most of the Academy administrators were fed up and wanted her out of the school.

Until finally…
A few teachers convinced the rest to give Pygmalion one more chance. They sent her to live with a werewolf family in the hopes that they would teach her how to control her hostile nature. After several months, Pygmalion learned how to better control her emotions by learning how to channel her negative energy into something positive.

And ever since then…
Pygmalion has had no violent incidents at the academy, and has been continuing to impress the academy administration.

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