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Lenny meets Twirl

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Lenny, he lived in a neighborhood of concrete towers.
Every day Lenny would play alone with his drone and his VR glasses.

But one day Lenny flew his drone a little too far, outside of the city, into the dry forest.
And his drone got stuck on the branches of a dry tree.

Because of that, Lenny climbs on top of the tree. There are letters carved on the bark, it reads: TWIRL.
While he tries to recover his drone he senses a strong feeling and listens to a sound that scares him.
Lenny runs as fast as he can leaving the drone on top of TWIRL.
Lenny shares his experience with the other boys, but they don't pay any attention to him.

Because of that, Lenny returns by himself and climbs up the tree again.
While he is touching the tree, he has the same strong feeling once again and listens carefully to the sound this time.
Lenny hears and feels the lament of the tree, and how it is connected to the rest of the dry forest.

Because of that, Lenny searches for photos of similar trees and realizes how these trees are supposed to look like.
Because of that, Lenny brings a bucket of water to the tree. But he doesn't feel it is enough.

Because of that, Lenny creates a big popup stand with cardboard and colors showing what the forest
is supposed to look like.
Lenny brings other kids to see his stand. But they laugh at him and go back to play video games.

Because of that Lenny goes back to the forest and climbs on top of Twirl, hopeless. Only one lady, Layla, and a little boy, Ben, stay.
When Ben and Layla reach out for Lenny's hand they too can listen to the song of the trees.

Until finally, Layla brings more people. While holding Lenny's hand they can all listen to the voice of the forest.
Ever since, the city has adopted the forest, transforming it into a natural playground and watering it constantly.The song of the forest starts to change and a few leaves have started to sprout on top of Twirl's branches.

The moral of the story is: no matter how small you are, you can make a difference in the world.

UGS (United Global Storytellers)
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