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Skyfellers Rough Cut <3

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Everyone's favorite polyamorous cowboys are back!

(whistle intro)

Good morning everyone! You really gotta stop sleeping in your boots, Chase.

... No.

Hey! (whistling and clapping) Green Earth, Mel!

You know, I heard the VanMedleys got oats stolen straight outta their field.

... Really?

I got bad news for you folks.


Your bill.


Squash just ain't growing as fast as the skyfellers are snatchin' it up.

Hmm... Skyfellers, huh?


Ha ha, YES!

Alright, back back back back, ope! More, more. You're good.... Hey, hey hey-!


So we thinkin' three cash?

Naw, four cash. Cityfolk'll pay four cash.


And she was like, but like, I know who I am, so... You know? Like, and yeah.

26, 27, 28, 29.

Shouldn't it be divisible by four?

You don't have to tie him so tight, Mel.

Yeah I do! He'll get out!


Hrghgh.... what?

Who let the skyfeller out?! Do you have any idea how much money you've l-

I mean, who says we have to live in Chusetts? I hear Stuneu's beautiful this time of year.

Oh. Hello... ... and howdy.

Ughhh... Chase? Chase?!


So, yeah. The cost does depend on the coloration you want?

What colors are available?

Well, we've got one little feller who's kind of darker colored, almost black, but in the sun you can see he's blue and - oh hey!


But yeah. So, if you want that one, it's a bit more expensive. We got blue, we got green, we got a couple pink-

(whistle outro)

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