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Upside Down to Right Side Up Storyreel - Acts 1 & 2

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Iris that lived her entire life upside down. She is the only one in her family and her town like that. As a little girl, her pet beta fish, that her offbeat aunt gave her, died. With the fish literally floating upside down, Iris’ extreme sadness at the loss of her first real friend caused this bizarre twist of gravitational fate. Since then Iris has been upside down for so long that her parents couldn’t remember a time where she wasn’t. As a result of this, Iris struggles with common chores like doing the dishes where water sprays in her face or taking out the trash where the trash bag hits her.

Every day Iris wishes that she could be right side up and blend in with her family, peers, and the people in town. She tries to make friends and meet new people but doesn’t quite fit in. She can’t play sports, go to the mall or the movies. When she does leave the comforts of her house, she is met with stares, pointing, and laughing. Some of her classmates even imitate her by bending over and acting like they live upside down too - walking on their hands and pretending like they know how she feels. This makes Iris sad and isolated.

Until one day Iris snaps and visits a tarot reader at the local mall desperate for help. The tarot reader vaguely tells her that there is a special stone on Saturn that might be able to cure her of living upside down. She goes to the library in search of information about the mysterious stone that will cure all of her problems while going through stacks of books and surfing the Internet. She prints out articles showing what the stone is rumored to look like and how she might be able to use it to help her hoping that she will finally be able to fit in and not stick out anymore. An idea hatches and she vows to see it through whatever it takes.

Because of that she decides to go on a quest to get the stone to turn her right side up, looking for a quick fix. Iris tells her parents and her brother over dinner that she is planning to make this journey. They aren’t exactly supportive, not understanding why Iris can’t be happy with her unique and special self. Looking for any type of reassurance, she revisits the tarot reader to tell her. The tarot reader gets upset upon hearing Iris’ plan and warns Iris that looking for an easy way using the stone to solve her problem isn’t as simple as she might think - she might be looking for the answer in the wrong place. Iris ignores the tarot reader and leaves more determined than ever her plan is going to work.

Because of that she needs to learn how to build a rocket to travel to Saturn. Iris pours over books to learn how to build her rocket. She gathers materials, working day and night even against gravity. She does a few test runs to show off to her little brother. After lots of test runs, the launch date is set and Iris takes off for Saturn. She discovers that she enjoys building and creating. Unfortunately with her novice rocket building skills, she is able to land on Saturn to retrieve the stone, but the rocket is badly damaged.

Because of that she ends up stranded on Saturn all alone with no way to get home. Iris begins to walk aimlessly around and cries since she is all by herself worrying that she will never see her family again. The words of the tarot reader come back to haunt her. She starts to think of ways she might be able to get home, feeling sadder and more alone than ever.

Thank you for watching and providing feedback! :)

MR Creative Productions
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