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Dream Seller

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Once upon a time, there was a man about 20 years old named Enderr, who loved science and inventing. He invented many happy, optimistic, and adventurous dreams. He believes the good dreams he invents can solve everything and bring happiness to people.

Every day, Enderr sells dreams in his store at the bazaar. He was always very busy at work doing very well, attracting many happy customers.

Until one day, he met a rich, old woman named Lauren. She looks anxious and tired, asking Enderr if he had a good dream that could neutralize and remove a nightmare. She got recurring nightmares so she wanted to buy good dreams. Enderr sold her a dream, and she left the store. After a day passed by, Lauren went back to his store , complaining that his dream wasn’t good-- in fact, it was actually a nightmare.

Because of that, Enderr was stumped, why did his good dream turn out to be nightmare? He did not know why his dream failed to work for Lauren. Enderr brought Lauren to his lab and opened her dream up using his dream machine. As her dream was being opened up, he went into the dream in order to diagnose it.

Because of that, he noticed that her dream is too dark, there are no signs of any nightmares, so he releases another good dream into the dark abyss, trying to change it into a good dream. Suddenly, a black void of a monster appeared angrily, swallowing the good dream, then tried to swallow Enderr.

Because of that, Enderr defended himself, and beat back the monster, and tried to slay it. However, it kept coming back to life. In the end, Enderr was broken. There was no way he could beat the nightmare.

Until finally, Enderr decides to fight this monster with finality. He was surprised to discover that the dark, colorless monster is able to metamorphose into a human shape after suffering pain. Enderr departs the nightmare, and woke up Lauren, asking her about the human-shaped monster. Lauren was shocked and told him about her past traumas. After Lauren unpacks her traumatic experiences to Enderr, he told her that we have to face our past traumas, and accept that as truth. Enderr entered her dream again and saw that the monster was shrinking and fading away. He then released another good dream, and the dark world morphed into a colorful world. Lauren’s face began to smile while she slept, with her nightmares having gone away.

And ever since then, he realized his selling of good dreams was not helpful for solve everything because it encouraged people to ignore the real causes of their trauma, burying it into their subconsciousnesses, even to the point of becoming addicted to the dream potion to solve problems. Enderr decided to hand over the day-to-day operations of his store to his assistant, so he could devote his time to developing a theory of healthy training for people who have nightmares to help them.

The moral of the story is that there are some past traumas we need to face, not run away from. It is difficult, but you can only heal if you seek to find the root of the problem. Sometimes, we learn how to live with the bad, and we hold on to the good.

Eye Candy Team
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