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Rugula's Passion

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Once upon a time…. In the world of monsters there is a monster named Rugula Sticks. Since she was a young egglet – or young monster – she would amuse herself with creating sounds and voices. It soon became a dream of Rugula’s that someday she would become an actress in the movies. Now, Rugula is a happy monstress because she has two great things in her life that bring her joy: cooking MunchBox meals and being one of the most favored voice actors in the monster film industry that does human character voices for the films. Her Studio company, Creature Feature Films, is the most esteemed company of the monster realm that strives for perfection in their films as well as actors. Mistakes were not accepted.

Every day……. Rugula would go to work and do human character voices for the studio. To monsters, humans are seen as loud, destructive, fast and slow moving beings whose speech patterns reflect their personas. However, besides the tone of the human character, the monsters see the way of possible human speech to be quite odd and complex. Rugula would be given very detailed scripts to read, expecting her to know the ideal way of the complex language. Rugula thought she did everything exactly the way the producers wanted and shared the same beliefs in Human Lore the monsters have developed through the years. However, some part of her believes something is wrong.

Until one day…... as Rugula was returning home, she hears shuffling in one of the allies nearby. Curious, she thinks it’s a sphynx kitten at play, yet as she rounds the corner is face-to-face with a HUMAN GIRL. Somehow the human found herself in the realm of monsters. The Human girl says her name is Phoebe and she was cleaning the storage closet of her costume shop. Yet she found a small door that was covered by a torn poster. She opened it and accidentally fell through the door to have it close behind her. Trapping her in this world.

Because of that…...Rugula has Phoebe stay with her in her home to keep her safe from other monsters, worried on how they would react to an ACTUAL human, and what they might do to the girl. To prevent the possibility of Phoebe getting into trouble, Rugula then invites her trusted friend, Klix, to come make a “camouflage” costume for Phoebe. At first Klix is shocked and uneasy about Phoebe, since Humans were supposed to be just made up stories. Yet, her curiosity got the better of her and decided to help them. As Phoebe stays with Rugula, she learns about Rugula’s job as a voice actress, and helps her improve on human speech. As the two of them practice and improve the scripts, the two become great friends.

Because of that…. Rugula started reading her lines like how she and Phoebe practiced, and started to see humans in a new authentic light. Everything she learned and knew about humans was wrong. Humans aren’t all the same, destructive and oddly noisy, but are all different. Later on, the studio proclaimed Rugula as the perfect voice actress. However, with this rise of fame came the rise of high expectations of perfection. Rugula developed the pressure and mindset of having to be perfect all the time in work and in public.

Because of that…. Due to all the pent up stress and anxiety that is held within her, Rugula comes home wanting to practice more lines, yet Phoebe tries to reassure Rugula that she is ok and doesn’t need to strain herself and should relax. Rugula ends up acting “monstrous” at Phoebe which scares the poor girl and she runs away. After Phoebe left, not knowing where her friend is, Rugula has a big mental breakdown in the studio during a major piece in the recording room which lead to her being reprimanded until further notice. But more importantly, left her alone.

Taylor Sanchez
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