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- In Mexico lived a family (PAPA, MAMA, BABY PEDRO AND DONKEY) who were dying of thirst — water was almost impossible to find. PAPA was a treasure hunter but no treasure he owned could cease their thirst.

- So PAPA went out to find the legendary sword of thunder - that supposedly had control over the rain. When he came back home with the sword, PAPA used it to create rain, water but the sword took your life energy — PAPA went very old in a heartbeat so he stopped. Water fell from the sky but it was too late. MAMA was dead

- LADY DEATH stood by her and took MAMA away with her. Papa took Pedro from MAMA´s arms away from LADY DEATH. PAPA promised PEDRO infinite water and life.


- PAPA, PEDRO AND DONKEY traveled all around Mexico trying to find water.

- Years went by before they miraculously found a well. PAPA hurried and build their home around it so they could have the water for themselves.

- Everyday they drank water from their hidden well while they sell water in gourds to the thirsty villagers. PAPA, PEDRO AND DONKEY became greedy, secretive and fearful of Lady Death, but also very rich.


- They entered a little village to sell water and saw LADY DEATH looking at them. PAPA, PEDRO and DONKEY hurried back home.

- But LADY DEATH was waiting inside, standing by the hidden well and the gourds which they used to sell water — she dissaprobed they were hiding the source of water, the source of life. PAPA thought LADY DEATH had come for him, so he drew out the thunder sword to protect his family from her.

- LADY DEATH seemed intimidated by the sword, but blew her breath to PAPA and he fell sick.

Francisco González
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