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Skelly and Rachel : ACT 1

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Once upon a time, there was a government facing big trouble due to the low population.

Because of that, the politicians cannot maintain their system since there were no people. to work and to pay taxes to support the government.

At that moment, Kelton ,who was the president of the human-biotechnology company, Returnal. brought a new solution which was resurrecting the dead peolpe to use them as human resources.

because they needed them right now, the government passed a new act of law to allow raising the dead people and use them as public goods.

They put those resurrected workers in various places, especially somewhere dangerous.. In the meantime, it was a part of society demands, but some of the alive people felt them creepy.

After using resurrected resources, human society began to rise again. However, that does not simply mean they no longer need the resurrected people. The government considered those resurrected workers still needed but they also recognized the citizens' feelings.

The government made an agreement that the resurrected dead shall not expose themselves to the alive people. and putting their every information in a secret.

Everyday, Every night, Skelly, the resurrected worker, recalls his own life.

He used to be a hard worker for his entire life since his family members needed his support. He worked hard and in the end he passed away peacefully.

However, it was not the end.

Several decades later, by following the government policy, he was resurrected to serve his afterlife to Returnal. Incorporated.

He felt the contract was not fair, but if he doesn't serve his duty, his family would replace his position. He did not want it, so he signed up on the contract.

After that day, He became a worker of the End section of part D. he conveyed the delivered public dead bodies to the ordered sections.

After doing hard work, He could finally rest in his small cabinet. Every night, he just wonders whether he can finally finish his debts and meet his family again.He cannot know, but he just believes in saying to himself, tomorrow will be different.

Until one day, he meets Rachel.

Rachel, was a new reporter in the mystery magazine.

her boss wants her to bring some exciting live news to draw attention.
But everyday, what she brought on her bosses table were about historical events.

Her boss told her, everything starts with 're-' such as revival, return, reelection, reboots, are lame.

Rachel was told that IF she cannot bring the ground breaking news, her contract cannot be continued to next month. That made Rachel desperate and search for outside.

Even Though she find the news till midnight, she cannot find one.

But suddenly, when she was sitting in the cafe and ordering some beverages, some odd looking trucks dragged her eyes.

She followed them and she found out there were creatures she had never seen before.

to document this, she used her smartphone, but suddenly, her phone flashed, and they realized her as an intruder.

Since their existence should be kept a secret, they chased her crazily. While running away, she had to find somewhere to hide herself.

That's why she had jumped into the truck and put herself inside of the box.

The casket she put herself in just moved into the Returnal Company Section D-end, where Skelly worked.

And that is how Skelly and Rachel bumped into each other.

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