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On April 23rd, 2025 all gravity on planet earth stopped working correctly. It would become really low, and then normal, low, normal, and just like that throughout the day 24/7, 365. A tech company used this opportunity and its technology, now at the top of the world market, to influence laws and public order. It's unlawful to use technology that might pull you to the ground during low-gravity periods.

Danylo lives with his mom. His dad died when he was born. He wants to fit in and have an exciting experience, but he is too self-conscious to believe he has a chance. He spends most of his time alone, daydreaming about the things he could do with people who genuinely want to get to know him and be his friend.

It's his birthday, 17 years old. 17th Anniversary of the Gravitopocalypse. He's walking down the street and the speaker announces that the low-gravity period is soon to start. He continues walking as things and people start to fly. He notices he's still on the ground. A security drone spots him AND accusing him of using banned tech, starts chasing him.


He lands in a dumpster in the alley near his apartment building at the end of the chase (as you might tell, an attempt to fly once again, failing miserably) Ruth, a young woman, discovers him. He doesn't succumb to low gravity, which astounds her.

She turns out to be a member of a resistance group. This group of people is determined to solve the low gravity problem. The only hook they have is a large tech company called Reveyl4.
She introduces him to the team, whose lair is right beneath his apartment building.
Danylo has a chip inserted into his forearm, according to the body scan.

This chip is old, and neither security scanners nor drones recognize it. The message encoded in it is a random code sequence called "stop it with this."
Danylo and the team are now on their way to solving the Gravitopocalypse's origins, thanks to a new hook for the case (Danylo himself). The CEO is aware of something.


They have found a lot of clues so far, like the chip's manufacture date and that his mom saw his deceased dad just after Danylo was born. His dad also worked for Reveyl4.

They visit the police station and ask about Danylo's dad's case. They didn't gain much.

Danylo's mother later asks him to take a box from the top shelf. He takes it down. , It revealed his dad's items from work, a lab coat, an ID keycard and so on.

He also notices a strange hole in the wall where the box was. He reached inside and pulled out a voice recorder. This was his work journal.


He showed the group the keycard. If they ever decide to go all in, this thing might be able to open the building's doors.

The group's best thief retrieved a blueprint of Reveyl4 HQ facilities. They devised a strategy to infiltrate the company and gather more information about its past actions.

They were successful in gaining access to the Reveyl4 storage department. The room was full of drawers and dates.

In the end, they discovered more evidence and clues.


Friends realized the big machine below the Headquarters is THE reason all of this is happening when they returned and pinned every piece of evidence to a pinboard.

They had to stop it. Now. As a document said, they found a way to run this machine forever, and they will commence the operation in 2 days.

They were successful at infiltrating the headquarters, with Danylo disguised as a scientist and everyone else stealthily finding their way to the sub-levels. They met with no casualties as the team's code expert was already on the machine's control panel.

CEO came. Laughing and confronting the team, not noticing the programmer.
One of them starts to record him without him seeing.

Through evil monologue, he reveals that he's the one who killed Danylo's father, as he tried to stop the machine from going full power 16 years ago, the day Danylo was born. Now it makes sense. His father inserted this chip in Danylo in case something happens to him. He knew of the CEO's evil plans and had a backup plan too.

Everyone was shocked by that statement. The programmer on the platform still couldn't disable the machine, but he saw that CEO was standing under the big computer, suctioned to the ceiling with a magnetic puller. He disabled it.
The thing completely squashed the CEO.

The following scene is a series of events with no words but only actions.

Vlad's team of one!
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