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Work Like A Dog - ACT 1,2,3

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ONCE UPON A TIME: There lived a dog named COLLIE. COLLIE was a cheerful dog. She would work every day and although she was hard working, she was also a pushover. Which usually gave her problems with her being taken advantage of at work.

EVERY DAY SHE WORKED at a coffee shop, except today that is. Today, COLLIEas happy and excited. She is listening to her favorite musician, JJ Rider, when her phone gets a notification.

Her best friend, ANGEL, texts her if she is ready for tonight. Tonight they are going to the JJ Rider concert. ANGEL asks her if COLLIE made sure to get the day off from work to which COLLIE answers back that she sent her day off request in and it should be all good.

ANGEL and COLLIE haven’t been able to hang out since COLLIE had been working at the coffee shop. They are excited to spend some time together.

They get off the phone and COLLIE plops down on her bed, when her phone starts to ring again. Did ANGEL accidentally call her? No. It's her MANAGER from work! The MANAGER tells COLLIE that she is scheduled to work today and that she’s late for her shift. She tries to tell the MANAGER that she requested the day off weeks ago but he is not having it. He tells her she better get to work, or else. He hangs up before she can say anything.

Because of that, COLLIE rushes as fast as she can to get to work. As she speedwalks to the breakroom, the MANAGER sarcastically congratulates her on making it work late. He gives her a list of things to do and tells her to start on the bathrooms. They are a mess.

She opens her locker to catch her breath and get ready for the day. She tells herself that she just needs to finish early and she would be able to make it to the concert.

COLLIE tries her best to do her job as fast and effectively as she can but it almost seems like everything is going wrong today. The toilets in the bathrooms are clogged, the coffee machines are attacking her, and there are just too many online orders to fulfill.

As she is being berated by an unhappy customer, her MANAGER pulls her aside. He tells her that he’s going to need her to close the store for him. She can’t close the store! She wouldn’t be able to make it to the concert in time! She tries to say she isn’t able to do that tonight, but the MANAGER tells her that if she isn’t dedicated enough to help her work family, then maybe he should cut her hours. In the end, COLLIE is forced to close the store tonight.

As COLLIE turns around to return to work, she sees her friend ANGEL! She was here the whole time and heard everything! ANGEL asks COLLIE why she is at work when she said otherwise. And does that mean that COLLIE won’t be able to make it to the concert? ANGEL tells COLLIE that every time they try to hang out, work gets in the way. ANGEL leaves the cafe and COLLIE is left alone in the shop.

As COLLIE is on her lunch break, she is scrolling through social media. She sees people in line at the concert. As she sits in defeat, she overhears her MANAGER talking on the phone in his office. She gets closer to the door and hears the MANAGER talking about how he is going to the concert tonight and he made sure that someone else would be able to close tonight. COLLIE learns that her day off request was declined because the MANAGER specifically needed her so he didn’t need to close tonight! COLLIE is furious!

She enters his office and tells him that she will not be closing tonight! The manager tells her that she has to, and if she didn’t she would get written up or get fired. She doesn't care. She tosses her name tag at him and says that she quits anyways.

COLLIE runs as fast as she can to the concert stadium. She tries to convince the security to let her in, but they aren’t letting her. She walks to the curb and sits down, exhausted from her running. She turns her head and sees ANGEL sitting on the same curb she is!

COLLIE goes to sit next to ANGEL and asks her why she didn’t go to the concert. ANGEL tells her that it wouldn’t have been the same without her. She asks COLLIE how she was able to get here at this time. COLLIE confesses that she quit her job to get here. ANGEL tells COLLIE that she is proud of her. That place did not appreciate COLLIE. COLLIE apologizes for making ANGEL miss the concert, but ANGEL tells her the only thing she wanted was to hang out with COLLIE. It didn’t matter if they went to the concert or not.

They make up and COLLIE feels better having stood up for herself and her friendship.

Emma Gamboa
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