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Act 1 opens with an establishing city scape shot. A girl whizzes through a stable frame- catching the viewer’s attention. From the ground, we see a police car swerve into the shot: she’s being chased. Tracking her from the side, she pulls a rope from her clothes, and throw it aggressively to the building behind her. It catches and she goes with it. Suddenly she crashes into an office setting, and she runs to the nearest door. Eventually, she ends up in an alley, and heads towards the street in hopes of blending in with the crowd. Just as she emerges, a cop sees her, and immediately calls for backup. Out of ideas, she runs into traffic to get away from him, but is hit by a car. The Camera crashes to the ground at a dutch angle, and we see a film crew rush towards her. That is not the way the stunt should have gone. THE END flashes on the screen, and we pull out to reveal the title card on a laptop. We had been watching a film within a film.

In Act 2, a man watching the film is revealed. We see him in his house on his laptop as he grabs a drink. The setting changes to a bar. He’s looking at posters and pictures on the wall, and it’s clear he and the actress in the movie knew each other somehow and were close. He takes an earring identical to hers from his pocket and looks at it longingly. As he reminisces, he sees a figure that looks just like her walk by the bar. He gets up and chases her desperately- pushing through crowds and running like a mad man. But he looses her, and is left to collect himself by a lonely street lamp.

Act 3 opens with a time cut where we find the man at the edge of a bridge gazing at the earring in his hand. After coming to a clear internal decision, he throws it into the ocean. As it twirls to the edge of the water with increasing speed, it transforms into a golden finch. His face lights up at the sight, and he becomes exhilarated. In the moment, a gust of wind picks up and sweeps his hat away. It joins the finch, and they dance in the breeze and disappear over the horizon.

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